I am my identity
i am my expression
i am an impact
i am . brand


In the age of online stores,
carry bags & wrappers
still holds its special place
and utility for a formal
and a captivating brand

wrapping paper
for a giftware

With our understanding
of the product, materials,
rindustries and market,
we have managed to provide
some interesting brand names,
sub-brand names, category names,
product names to several
customers. Followed by
complementing logo designs,
these names turned out to be
quite important to create
a recognizable brand identity.

Day is for a Denmark company
selling products of everyday use in
kitchen and general home appliances.
The company wanted a simple name,
preferably from an everyday terminology
that can potentially become a suitable
brand name for the product category.
As we finalised the name “Day”, it
required a further identification through
a supporting tagline - Useful Everyday,
that became the consistent companion
of the name by being the part of the logo.

A short name sounding so common
that it proved to be an easily
distinguishable identity with a very
evident and perceptible product
classification. The name became a
good success for the compnay.

Palette Display

It was suggested as a trademark feature
for the product display across the stores
and exhibitions. The product sell at a
very economical and affordable price
point. So by making such a display pattern,
we wanted to commincate the - ‘fast selling’
aspect of the products.

by giving attention
to detail, we try and
identify the core
elements that can
enable a successful
brand identity.

it differs from company to company,
product to product, market to market
& people to people.


Product Display panels and Branding for SiliconeZone Hong Kong

Logo & Brand identity design for Berdri

A home appliance manufacturing company,
wanted to illustrate a whole gamut of appliances that they
can potentially manufacture. From being a Chinese factory
they aspire to tranform their identity into a design oriented product brand
with a healthy experience in manufacturing that enables them to offer a
better product in the market which can compete in
prices and quality at the top level.

simple . neat . minimal
illustrations of logo application.

our expertise in printing techniques
enables us to explore various
possibilities of paper selctions
& surface processess,
to bring about the true essense
of a brand identity through
an appropriate material.

Brand logo enhanced through embossing & spot uv surface process over plike black paper.

“Logos and branding are so important.
In a big part of the world,
people cannot read French or English
-but are great in remembering signs”

. Karl Lagerfeld