A good visual communication
in the form of a nicely
designed product catalog,
enables an effective brand
perception and also
results in establishing
a stronger sales with
customer loyalty.

Precision photography was a highlight in this meticulously drafted product catalog which included more than 700 product images and around 40 model and ambience photos, each given a dedicated attention and value so that not even a single product is lost in view while the catalog is being use.


product display catalog
for a multi product brand

lead by design
Some of the product categories for which we have made communicaiton and marketing material

Tabletop accessories
Kitchen accessories
Pizza delivery box
Electric public vehicle
Home Appliances
Christmas Decor
Tour & Travel
Food and Bakery

minimal less is more
3 fold leaflet design • product category / Furniture
Saying more through less
enables a visual communication
to be more expressive, through
its graphical elements placed in
a perfect balance between the
empty spaces.

bringing life to toys

Kids are always fun to play with.
The design exercise was more play
than work with some amazing
group of kids who were very much a part of
our design process of this product catalog.
The enthusiasm of the little beauties
is evident through each page of
this catalog as we scroll through.
Toys are so special for children and the efforts were made to ensure that we make it look even more desirable through a finely drafted design layout with a complementing color combination, enhancing the core features of each toy displayed in the catalog.
a story on a fanfold
A simple yet a strong communication tool, these fanfold serves a great
deal of purpose by presenting a brief story in short.
A lot of product companies are using fanfold leaflets and small brochures
for a quick, easy and an effective communication.
a small fanfold
for a big communication
A 13 fold fanfold leaflet for a luxury lifestyle product range.
There was a need to enhance the beauty of these colorful canisters through a label design that could compliment
the translucency of the material and make the brand name stand out by not hiding much of the product.
There is no outer printed box on these canisters and it goes on store shelves as it is, so the label had to stand out prominent and
illustrate the core features of the product with its presence.
As an extention to the Iris Label designs above, the collection had to be completed with a similar
styling on rest of the product range. Although these bowls here didnt had the same translucency like the canisters, but the
color aspect of the product allowed us to use the white text label which appeared very much as a part of the product and not as an additional overlaid label.
Not only the white text stood out striking, it also enabled to see in contrast the true vibrance of the colors of the bowls.