sell better
with good design.


cookware packaging

Kloverblad, Denmark

Printing 5 Color
3 ply corrugation
Matt Coating
Side Pasting

silicone zone

silicone kitchen accessories

Hong Kong A comprehensive packaging design for
entire product range of products in silicone material.

O’sweet sweetner packaging

Calorie Free Sugar Packaging design
O’Laughling, Hong Kong

united colors of benetton
sipper packaging

Sliding Box Style Packaging
UCB . India

Award Winning packaging design
of undergarments.
Designed for
United Colors of Benetton.

Good Design Award, Chicago USA

United Colors of Benetton is one of the country’s best-selling garment companies, even though they are overshadowed by its better-publicised rivals. Yet, when United Colors of Benneton had to respond to a steep sales surge in its undergarment category over past two years, it wanted to overhaul its packaging model. They approached us to conceptualise the packaging for its new premium collection of undergarments, which was later produced at our in-house print facility. We produced over a million pieces of this packaging in a span of one year.

Packaging design for a
kitchen accessories company from Denmark

With an in-depth knowledge
of various materials
& printing techniques, we are
equipped with appropriate
tools to design a packaging
that not only enhances
the value of a product but
also makes it
production friendly
& cost effective
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Duplex board 350 gsm outer printed box
with matt laminated surface.
3 ply corrugated insert for a better
protection of the product.
Printed as a 5 color offset print
with a solid pantone color.

off the shelf it goes in a flash...

Food packaging for a bakery. The bakery wanted to re-define their identity with an up-market appeal through a sophisticated packaging design for their products.

Cookware Packaging
A mass selling commodity required
an impressive packaging to
stand out evidently in a super market.
CFL Lamp Packaging
To produced in a large numbers, the client had a
strict concern on the price of the packaging.
With a limitation of material to be used, we came upon with a
solution that strognly adhered to their existing production norms
and indicated the core features of the product with
a bold visual identity.
let’s play Packaging Design for Toys
An extensive exercise was undertaken to
refresh the entire range of products of
OK Play as they wanted to present a new
face to the market with a brighter
and more interactive packaging.
Photography of products and in-use activity
with kids were part of the design development.

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